CBS Sports Fantasy Recenzje App

No good

Slow, bad format, dumb

Label the links for for voiceover users

I gave this app two stars because some of the app is voiceover accessible. However, there are still 15 buttons that are unlabeled for voiceover users. If you went into your car and absolutely nothing was labeled, would you be able to drive it? I left a review a couple months ago and there were 15 unlabeled buttons back then as well.

The ads are a Joke both mobile and desktop

My adblxker is blocking 35+ ads. That’s absurd. We already massively over pay for this service. Get rid of the ads if you want to be taken seriously. I won’t ever play cbs again.


Rarely crashes. Easy to make lineup changes and a strong app.

Hard to use, can’t find the basics, web interface is better

There isn’t much I like about cbs software in general- their leagues are hard to navigate, their stats are wrong, their “expert advice” is poor, meaning you have to go elsewhere to find reliable stats and basic projections, starters, etc. But that’s just cbs sports in general- their app is bizarre and not navigable. Could someone please show me where category ranks are? How to look at team stats? We’re locked in to cbs bc we signed up a decade ago. I keep asking the league to change to another Provider but we’ll lose our historical info, and that makes everyone else sad. I’d just like to have a league where bench players aren't “projected” to be triple-crown threats, and where I can find the basic tools to make team decisions. CBS has a lot of money- like, we give them several hundred dollars a year. Hire a couple more nerds and tighten things up, please?

Worst app ever!

This app shouldn’t be an app as you can’t do anything useful! Can you check stats for your team from the last week? Can you see the contract value of a player you’re going to trade for? Can you sort stats for players on the wire? Nope. Nope. Nope! What can you do with the app? Check your score for the day! Yippee!!! Honestly, why not direct people to a crappy mobile site? At least you can do something of value there.... I know we all take pride in our work, but let’s cut our losses here. This app is crap

Pick it Up

I enjoy playing fantasy baseball but I feel CBS could do a better job enhancing the experience. In our league an article was written for the first week’s play. It was well written but they skipped the next 2 weeks. They may have an update written on a player saying his status has changed but his weekly projections don’t show it. For instance, Otani’s start has been moved to next weekend yet the projection still has him to pitch against Baltimore on Tuesday. This happens too often.

Stats hard to interpret

This app is just OK. For the money we pay, I’d expect it to be superior to the free fantasy baseball apps, but it’s not. My biggest complaint is that player stats are listed in a comma delimited format, rather than in column format, which is not the way the human brain (not mine, at least) has been conditioned to interpret statistics. The full web site is far superior to the app.


I hate the stats section. How can you only show past 2 years. Just show career starts like any other site.

Reject a trade

I’m a commissioner of a league for Fantasy baseball and I am not able to find where to reject a vetoed trade? I need help. We use the free version!!

Bad times

This web site can not seem to get there game times right they are always wrong. Very annoying


CBS can do better and they should have another section on minor league stats

I have no idea how to move players !

I have never played in a league where teams lose points ! What is this all about ?

Fantasy Baseball

Honestly this app is terrible for fantasy baseball. You are only allowed to change your lineup once a week which is just the dumbest thing considering not every one plays everyday also what if someone gets hurt you have to wait a week to remove them from your lineup? Also they don’t have transaction trends and when you look at a players profile it’s just so confusing everything is so hard to read it is not user friendly at all. I really can’t stand this app and had I known that I can only change my lineup once a week I would have never joined for fantasy baseball.


It’s hard to get in and see your fantasy score sometimes. Almost seems like the site is down/ glitching/ not updating.

Covers it All

A one stop shop..simple as that.

Need To Re-Evaluate Players

In this league, starting pitchers obviously get more points than relievers. So, when a pitcher like David Price is listed as a reliever then the team owner can move him into the reliever slot and get two starts a week out of him. David Price is NOT a reliever and hasn’t been used as one since last September when it was more of a rehab stint than anything else. Once it was announced that he was a starter (like anyone who follows baseball knows he was) then he should have the label as “reliever” removed.

Needs better projections

Not easy to find the stats I’m looking for


Very good site overall. Could make waivers a bit easier with being able to place guys in the ir from the site. Still don’t believe you can do that.



Doesn’t show full Roto rankings

Doesn’t show full Roto rankings...Otherwise serviceable

Best in the world!

Love this site. Love fantasy baseball. Go Phillies

Yahoo so much better

This app has so many bugs and the setup is so difficult. I can only compare to yahoo and I will tell you unequivocally that this is certainly subpar. Yahoo is miles ahead.

Love the app

I use the app with the webpage on my iPhone to make drop/ads and it makes my life easy

CBS rocks


CBS charges for league but you still have to deal with ads

I don’t get it, CBS charges $159 for fantasy baseball but still hammers you with ads. You can barely see your roster. You’re better off with a free league if you’re going to deal with annoying ads.

Widget Not Working

The live update widget is not work. Very critical during baseball season. Please fix.

The potential is there

The format of the live scoring page is very hard to read. The print needs to be bigger. Also there needs to be a better way to view other teams live scoring. Look at how Fantrax does it for a good example. The stats do seem to update quickly though and the app has been reliable.

Terrible customer svc and communication

The site goes down and no attempt is made to communicate with paying customers or even acknowledge the problem. Gives the impression of a place where incompetent college students work for free, but only when they feel like it.

Wrong Positions for Players

I picked up a player in Fantasy Baseball to use as a relief pitcher. And I can’t even put him in. Cardinals’ Jordan Hicks is being used in the bullpen. So I should be able to use him as a relief pitcher in my Fantasy Lineup. Could you guys fix Hicks’ position from Starter to Reliever. Please.


Matchup scoreboard is blank. Fix it

Crashes constantly at scoreboard

My app crashes whenever I try to view my matchup score. This needs to be updated.

Hate it

This app is years behind other fantasy apps

Sort by stats

I find it very hard to find free agents. Can not sort by stats

Excellent resource! I am contacting my entire draft using the app.

CBS Sports' website can look a bit dated compared with the competition. So this fast, helpful app is a welcome surprise! I got a text from an owner that they had picked the wrong person. I was able to pause the draft and back out there pick in just a matter of seconds, using the commissioner tools. I will be referring to this app daily for the entire season. However, I find it frustrating that the player pages do not show a histogram of points per week, as was available in draft season.

Love it

So convenient and easy to use


I won all 17 of my fantasy leagues once, in my fantasy.


Won my league but never given my $$$??

Not very user friendly

CBS could use a more friendly interface. I’m a first time user for fantasy baseball...spent years on Yahoo. CBS could learn a thing or two from Yahoo.

Very usable app

Reassuring to know that the app is just as effective and navigable as a desktop computer. If not more!

Ads When You Pay For a Service is BS

Stared at a banner ad the entire time I drafted on my iPad. If this was a free service, that’s fine. It’s not. Stop advertising where I’m paying you for the service.

Incredible App

This app is incredibly reliable and robust. The draft room worked like a charm. Great work CBSSports.

Draft Central is TRASH

I’ve been a Baseball Commissioner for 17 years and this has to be by far the worst Draft Room I have yet to experience. The past couple of years we have run into multiple glitches where teams can’t draft and I would have to enter players manually. I ended my draft early this year because it was a mess and they milk you for 179. ESPN 2019

This app should be much better.

The web site is awesome. The app is nothing remotely like the web site. Bad.

Not User Friendly

All that I want to do is monitor my fantasy team. Site doesn't make it easy to navigate. A good menu would work well.

Love it

Love it Doing fantasy baseball almost 10 years


I spend $150.00 on a league and you make me watch commercials on the app?? Weak

Player updates

Player updates have to be more accurate on Monday since players get locked that day. Ie injury reports.

Log in for Fantasy Baseball

I have zero clue and can’t find any prompts for me to sign in under this app...

Could be improved

Poor layout. Forcing me to watch video instead of skimming advice articles is a waste of time. App lacks much of the data of the full website and limited commish tools

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