CBS Sports Fantasy Recenzje App


App needs serious user functionality updating, honestly all areas need complete renovations. I’d suggest the application developers go and try and mimic Yahoos fantasy app. It’s by far the worst fantasy platform I’ve used over the last 10 years.


Horrible user interface, no access to information such as future week matchups, can’t use in portrait mode.

Great app!

So much better than RT Sports app. Functional. Intuitive. Able to do anything through it.


Lol just want to say that this is good but better banners plz

Yahoo app 5000x better

CBS annually behind the yahoo experience. Weakest spot is new player search and acquisition.

Very disappointed

We spend $150 as a league to use this site, partly because we always have used it, partly because the system is easy to use. However the app now has advertisements at the bottom of the screen, it is hard to move around the adds and should not be there since we pay ALOT for this sight. I would expect this from yahoo or ESPN that have free sights, but not from an expensive service. It cheapens you brand and is making us think of using a free service from here on out. We choose to pay you rather than have that go to our winners, so moving forward we might change services.


This is not an intuitive app. Our league paid for cbs this year but we have all agreed to go back to yahoo next season. Player profiles are hard to access and switching tabs to get prospective points is inconvenient. I shouldn’t have to set my lineup via a separate link. My lineup should be set until I change it as it does in yahoo. Information isn’t close at hand and you must dig all over for it. By the time I find it I’ve forgotten what I even needed it for. Very disappointing experience.

Very clunky functionality

I’m more in favor of both ESPN and Yahoo’s Fantasy functionality. CBS is very difficult to navigate from one action item to the next.

Too many pop up ads

The pop-up ads are extremely annoying So much better if they were taken away.


Great podcast as well


I’ve had three other fantasy football apps and this one is the best by a long shot. It’s very simple to maneuver through the app which keeps me using it year after year


Updates sometimes don’t load, and player projections sometimes show in the millions of points. Trying to click on any games in my league this week to see the scores and it doesn’t load. Also, doesn’t let you show future matchups beyond the current week to see what your lineup will look like, or your opponents, it’s a simple feature apps like Yahoo has that allows you to plan for future matchups without having to click back and forth to see what bye weeks every player has. And we pay for this? TRASH.

Swipe gestures

Swipe gestures should be fully integrated at this point. App overall seems clunky. Need to access multiple screens to get basic things done. And the loading screen seems so 1980s. Not to mention I’ve paid to use this fantasy platform...why are we still bombarded with ads?? CBS please step into this generation.

Once again

Once again cbs sports really over does it with the ads. I realize that advertising is a big revenue stream but, why do I pay $150 a year for a custom league that is inundated with advertising. Yahoo is free and has limited ads. CBS is obviously extremely greedy and really doesn’t care about their paying customers. Good luck with that business model. 12 years I’ve been with cbs fantasy but this maybe the last it doesn’t make sense to keep paying for the league.

Big Improvement!

I’ve been a CBS fantasy subscriber since 2003. Granted there were no smart phones or apps back then, but I’ve seen a dramatic improvement in the CBS website as a whole over the years. In regards to the CBS Fantasy app, I’ve seen the most improvement since just last season. I am very satisfied with the improved commissioner tools, weekly scoring previews, ability to communicate with the rest of our league through activity and transactions reports, etc. Consumers have a choice, use a free fantasy site or pay $150 for CBS. CBS is worth the money.

Good at fantasy leagues, horrible at player rankings

2.5 average rounded to 3. This is from over 20 years of experience using this app/site. Predictions can make you scratch your head weekly.

Why pay for this site?

Play in 2 leagues, one CBS and one Yahoo. Yahoo is free and phone app is just as good if not better. Projections are much more accurate on Yahoo also. Our commish says we still pay $135?!? I hope commish is pocketing the cash because any amount is too much to pay for CBS.


Most unused friendly app I have used. Not intuitive

Well done cbs

Good app and overall functionality works well


Fantastic App

Stop the Ads !!!!!

This app used to be great. However, this football season they run automatic ads that pop up whenever you are trying to read an article. It’s incredibly annoying. Half the time at work when I’m reading articles the ads pop up and blare some stupid song. Please take of the automatic running ads. It’s ridiculous and no one watches them anyways.

Current version

I have the iPhone X and for some reason when clicking on an article, I mostly see a black screen. I can make out some pictures and words while scrolling. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app. However, I am getting the same issue. Please fix and update. Best,

User Friendly

I play a lot of Fantasy across a lot of platforms. CBS is by far the most intuitive and simple to navigate. It isn’t even close imo

1 star

Not as reliable as other apps. Looking for free agents is difficult. Not sure why my league is paying you a fee when others are free. I almost think he keeping the money.

Stupid app

The app blows


Can’t read articles at all

Oh yeah


Confusing and hard to navigate

Yahoo fantasy is 10x easier to use. I’ve never reviewed an app before. But I took the time for this one because it’s so bad. Thumbs down. Love fantasy hate this app.

I never won ever

I never won ever

Having a hard time reading the article

I’m having a hard time reading the articles because the commercials coming up.


I would rate this app a 4-5 but it rarely works correctly and many Sunday’s I can’t even get scores or updates. App is trash unless you can get this fixed.


To many advertisements for a paid league. Hard navigation and counter trades doesn’t work

Better than ESPN

Much better than the ESPN app


I love the site and have used it for years in 2 leagues, the app just isn’t user friendly, it lacks so much of what you see using a browser, so most of my league doesn’t use the app which stinks, CBS Sports you can do better!

Awesome app.

Awesome use it everyday!!

Too much advertising

Application works well, but you need to navigate around a lot of advertisements to use it.

Yahoo is better

Not intuitive with drop menu. Site is clunky. Yahoo has a much better platform.

Crashes often.

This app crashes often during the Sunday games. I hate it.

Commissioner tools

On app wish you could have option to change transaction policies for each week


Wish we were doing league with Yahoo


Great options and very user friendly, imo. Much quicker and easier than my other league which uses yahoo sports.

Better than ESPN

Love this app!!!

Too many advertisements

We pay for this site. Why do they advertise on a site that is paid for???

CBS is the worst for fantasy football.

terrible app. Very hard to navigate.


When you pay money to be in a league, you shouldn’t have to be bothered by advertising slowing your system down and take up space. But I know you won’t do anything about it,cause you could careless about someone opinion when it comes to making profit for the company!

After last update app keeps crashing

App keeps closing so frequently I can’t use it. Was working fine a week ago. Fix it.

Paying customer

Usually when you pay a subscription it’s so you don’t have to see ads. Not this app! Paid $150 and honestly have never seen so many ads and video adverts on any other app or website. Greedy af!

Fantasy B-Ball issues

Overall, the improvements to the app have been solid but one thing that has been a issue is when you click on a players Game Log on your iPhone (any model) and the stats don’t show completely. It doesn’t show Blocks, FG%, FT% or 3’s. We should be able to scroll the list to left to reveal all the cats. Why hasn’t this been fixed yet!? Please fix ASAP for THIS SEASON. Too important. If that is done, the review goes to 5-Stars.

Long time user

I’ve been using CBS Sportsline for over 15 years I think. It’s a really nice app and web tool but I can’t believe that paid users still have to put up with ads littered throughout the experience. Super annoying.

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