CBS Sports Fantasy Recenzje App

Mock draft

No easy way to create a league for random people instead of just friends. Also, can’t figure out how to do mock drafts on the app.


It is a very good web site but still has some kinks to work out.

I don’t want to pay for sports line

Charging to pay for sport line for info I use to get on your site for free is now a rip off. Good luck we’ll move to the NFL or ESPN

Usable app

App could be better .being able to sort stats in free agency or roster would be a handy upgrade

The best

Hearing what Dave Richards has to say can’t be beet.

App is ok.

Many features that are available on a laptop or pc are not available on the app. It is great for setting lineups on the fly and it keeps you up to date on player news, but it needs an upgrade.


Pay for the service and still have to deal with ads in the app and on the site.

Too much steering

If our league pays for the site why must most of the content be steering to another site. I get you need to make money but each year it gets worse. I’m in several leagues on several sites, CBS seems to be the worst. Stick to providing content for your loyal members.

Why commercials?

I’m paying for this F$&@ing site and I have to watch commercials? Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Mock drafts

Why is it so hard to do a mock draft? The join button doesn’t seem to work.

Fantasy football

Looking forward too playing FFB through CBS this year. Should be a lot of fun..

Fantasy Football Junkie

This is the Best Spot, to get up to date info. On players, injuries, and all that’s going on in the NFL.


Terrible app and uses an insane amount of data

No video on a I pad

Won’t play anything but adds on the I pad

A mess

You took the best fantasy site and created a mess. Videos pop up all the time while reading an article and now the content is paid and not cheap as im being directed to sportsline where i have to pay (i believe it was $5/ month) for content that used to be free. Also, navigation is a DISASTER. Refused to let my league go elsewhere but if they want to make the move to espn and their FREE content, im fine with it at this point. Such a shame after using cbs to management my fantasy leagues for 15 yrs.


Tired of all the ads and commercials. Cmon CBS!

No access to advice columns through app

Used to be able to view content on the app now being made to go sign up on a different website for access. We pay every year for access to this site with our charge for our leagues fantasy football. Now it’s not good enough anymore.

Worst app and company

Because one guy didn’t approve of a trade he snitched to cbs and somehow got the trade reversed and it happened towards the end of the week so cbs made sure you lost that week. Then when you email then about what happened they just send you an automated email that says, sorry you feel that way. This is way to shady. Our league will never use anything cbs again.



Bring back starting lineups!

Baseball -- The app used to tell you if your players were penciled into the day’s starting lineup, so you could manage your roster easier. But this past week they removed it! Please bring it back! Looks like it's gone from the full site too :(


I am no longer receiving notifications of league activity (add/drops, trades, etc.) My fantasy baseball lineup no longer shows which players are starting or where they’re hitting in the lineup either. Not sure what happened. Was working great previously.

Feature loss really hurts you

CBS stopped showing you who is starting and who is on the bench from your starting lineup. It was a helpful tool so that I don’t have to go through every team’s lineup to see if my starter is playing that day. Really inconvenient

Mock draft

Can’t do a mock draft on app?

Best content too many ads

Subject says it all. CBS Sportsline is the best web based platform. With that comes too many ads.

Notifications error

I no longer receive notifications of trade offers or trade announcements, players added or dropped. Was working fine before don’t know what happened.

Scam artists

Tried to open the app, which I’ve had for years, and it said I needed to update it and redirected me to the App Store. Asked for my thumb print to update it, never had to that before, then thanked me for my purchase? They charged me $179.99 to re-activate an old fantasy baseball I used to belong to, wasn’t even the commissioner, just a member!!! Absolutely ZERO response from them about this after numerous inquiries and requests!!! Deceptive isn’t remotely a strong enough word for their practices and totally unprofessional and untrustworthy!!!

Ads are brutal

I would gladly give it 5 stars if there were not a commercial you had to sit thought any time you click on ANYTHING. Brutal. Great content but if we could at least go 5 clicks per ad that would be great.

Best Fantasy App!

I check this 2 or 3 tines a day during the season, it is simply awesome! Truly makes my day better!!!!


The system does not regulate any rules. Even add/drop transactions would let u add infinite players without dropping, or bid on players higher than the max allowed in the rules.



Not working right now

I usually like the app but both it and the CBS baseball fantasy site are not working right now.

Additional fees

I Paid $150 for the sports line website and I need to pay an additional costs for the preseason analysis. Used this site for 10 seasons for the same league. Not sure I will continue


Would Love to invite people to play, too bad there appears to be no way to male that happen

Update horrible

Ever since the update, the site is a continuous ad for Sportsline (“the model that predicted x last season”). Any and all commentators are awol....maybe an article a week. It used to have some interesting information, but not anymore. Gotten to the point that I don’t even bother with the site anymore. Go to, the,, or At least you’ll get some timely and interesting articles and not “sleepers from model that predicted player x breakout”, “keepers from model......”, “breakouts from model...”. Hey CBS....when all you are is an ad for Sportsline, you end up having people tune your site out.

No mock drafts

Can’t use Draft Central. I notice the mock drafts aren’t filled up either so I’m wondering if other users can’t log into a soon either. Every time you go to select a spot it pushes you out. Using updated iphone8.... until this changes I’ll continue to mock on yahoo and not change my rating.

Opinion of fantasy league

Not happy with 1 week formats. Will likely not play again next year

All is well

Our 16 team league has enjoyed our years with CBS. Our players receive points according to our rules. The one detail I wish stats kept is cumulative holds by relief pitchers. Everything else is great.

Shame on you CBS

This free app is for a paid service and is sub par compared to other free apps that are for free services. This app should be more feature rich and be user friendly.

Small Request

Are you able to add Gifs/ Photo option to Fantasy chat?

Still no individual player live data

No individual player data to see, no category scores, just an overall category W-L in progress. Lame.

Ads, really?

Ads should only be in free leagues. Enough said.

Serious Glitch with update

I edited my team roster with the updated app, and the changes did not carry over to the website roster. The app shows a valid roster, but there is an error message for an invalid roster when viewing the roster via the website. This glitch has caused me to not accumulate weekly stats for three teams and essentially thus disqualifying these paid entries. This is an inexcusable glitch and needs to be addressed immediately.

Sharing Articles

The fact that when I try to share articles I only have the options to share to Twitter and Facebook and those don’t even work is reason enough for me not to pay the $160 for your product. I’ve never used your paid league before, but a buddy of mine convinced me to. I’ll tell you what; if you guys can’t fix something as minuscule as sharing articles and allowing me to share on other platforms you won’t be getting my money. If you can’t get something as basic as sharing content correct how can I depend on you to maintain other aspects of your app? Hopefully you can fix this before you open registration on Friday the 22nd. If not we’ll be going back to NFL App.

Need ability to add gifs in chat

Most of the reason we are in leagues is to make fun of each other with witty gifs.

New update

Absolutely hate the new update! Terrible large layout.

New UI

Needs a night mode it is way too bright

A little clunky still

It’s good for checking live scores and doing some lineup changes, but there are too many glaring holes that make no sense. Why can’t I put a guy on IR when I’m setting my lineup? It doesn’t show any of our leagues wild card inputs (like salary or contract info). The technology has got to be out there! I end up using the teeny browser version on my phone instead a lot. Or just wait until I have a tablet or a computer in front of me.


Wish it could be a little easier to change my lineup, but it’s very good for daily fantasy work. Good app.


Cons: -Overall ease of use -Location of daily real time stats for your team - should be on my team pages -Availability of YTD, 7 day, 14 day, etc stats for your team- should be on my team page and not restricted to clicking on individual player -No systemic control vs manual for league maximums (IE: starts) -No comparison functionality between players to aid decision making for waiver pick ups/trades -Layout is vertical list vs horizontal icons (personal preference) -No start indicator on my team page for setting lineups -No ability to drag/drop for easy lineup changes -No ability to show team rankings by stats to understand statistical weaknesses -List goes on… Pros: -None come to mind

Keep up the good work.

Love all the info these guys put out their for our use. I love playing fantasy football and appreciate the effort put forth to give us accurate information in a timely manner. Thanks!

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