CBS Sports Fantasy App Reviews

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Hate the ads

This was a great app until it CBS sold out and now has ads constantly changing at the bottom. Just hate it. Sorry some things are better off the way they were. Is CBS not making enough money out of fantasy sports.

Terrible for hockey

The app is severely limited in functionality - I often have to use the full site on my phone which also sucks. Do yourself a favour and run your fantasy hockey league on yahoo

Newest update notification problem

The newest update does not work correctly on the notification screen. I am currently in three CBS pools yet the scores for only one of them show up on the notification screen on iPhone. Has been a recurring problem with previous updates as well.

Cbs is good but could be better

I love the app but there needs to be more accommodating for commissioners. Cant do all the things you can on site. Also care more about hockey CBS!

View player profile from queue or team view

Hello, please allow us to view player profile from players in your draft queue or from viewing the draft summary. Currently the only way to see the player profile is by the ones that are in the list of available ones. The general big list. This is very limiting. Other than that, amazing application. Thanks

Needs improvement.

Decent app at best. Definitely needs a lot of room for improvement and not user friendly at all. Very hard to navigate and find what you are looking for.

3 Stars, Could be 4/5

Its a good app for the most part. 1 really annoying feature thats lacking is listing the "Bye Week" on your team page. It doesnt list the Bye Weeks. You have to click on each individual player to know their Bye Week. It makes it really hard to manage your team. If they fix that, Ill come back and give it a better rating ------------------------- So another update has been done, and no Bye Week solution. Very disappointed! ------------------------- Another update, and nothing. How hard is it to list a players Bye Week on the team page? Its ridiculous that you have to click on each player to find their Bye Week

Update doesnt work

Opened the app up and now it wont load anything up

Huge disappointment

Deleted leagues, constantly dropped players from my team without my doing, unorganized, and uninformative. Dont get this fantasy app, there are much better ones out there.

Good overall...some navigation improvements

Hey Nickname12865, swipe left on the team page to find more stats for each player (including bye week). That pretty much sums up my complaint about the app. Difficult navigation. Ive learned the screens, so its not as annoying anymore, but as a first time fantasy player, it took me a while to find all the different stats to make decisions. Ive enjoyed the app overall though.



Why pay for this?

Why do we pay for this fantasy service? The whole app is riddled with ads. So what you can get for free with Espn or yahoo you pay for it with cbs and have to deal with all the adds. Definitely not worth it!


Calling up a NFL score and stat summary renders the app frozen.


This is the most poorly designed app I have ever utilized. The entire design team needs to be replaced. The experience is not intuitive and its practically impossible to find some of the functionality you would expect to be in the app. I wish I could give 0 stars. The other positive reviews were clearly written by individuals that work for the company or the app development contractor.

Great app, slightly limited

App does what it is supposed to do. Lets you navigate your teams, change lineups, etcetera. As others have said, navigation isnt always intuitive but is easily figured out with a little practice. My very small complaint is that it lacks the full functionality of the full site in a few areas. For instance, you can see the power ratings including where you fall in the breakdown, but you cannot look at your actual breakdown. Nor can you post a poll or do many of the commissioner based options. Ultimately you can do all you need to do and the rest is extra. Great app.


Open the fantasy app and pick the league youre then tells you the league has need to open the regular CBS Sports app...then it opens a webpage and redirects you to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!! Ive been waiting since the beginning on the season to see if this sh*t app would work...nope!

Could be 5

The one huge problem I have with the app is it signs me out every 2 times I click on my score.

Was good at first, then got worse.

In my first league, we were locked out. In my second, the players stats glitched and we were locked out again. Worst of all, we payed for a scam.

Youre paying to get very limited features

The visuals are the only good thing this app has going for it. The fact that you have to pay for a very very limited amount of League customization makes this app even worse. You cant drop just to drop, you cant have an empty roster, you have to make sure you have a full roster before you add anyone, you cant customize the waiver wire. All in all yahoo fantasy NFL fantasy ESPN fantasy are all way better than this lousy app that you have to pay for.

Best Fantasy App

Best fantasy app, hands down.

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